Air Assisted for Speed and Finish

Air-assisted airless spray systems were developed to offer the production capacity of an airless system along with the fine atomisation that conventional air spray can provide. This system operates very much like an airless system. The difference is that the gun has a small compressed air line running to it. It appears like a conventional gun but the compressed air supplied completes atomisation rather than creating it. The system is set up in a way that just enough airless atomizing pressure is created to give tails or fingers at the outer edges of the fan pattern. The compressed air stream (low 20 psi) is directed across the spray pattern right at the tip. This small curtain of air completes the spray pattern and provides for soft edges and a finer atomisation of the paint without increase in pressure. The transfer efficiency is quite high (60 to 70 %) and the production rate can be that of a typical airless system.

Fine Atomisation:
Very good atomisation, almost as good as air spray and better than straight airless. Wood and metal finishers like the smooth breakup of the coatings.

High Production:
Air-assisted airless can be set up and used like airless or can be set up to act like a high end production spray system. Giving excellent finish and quality.

Good Transfer Efficiency:
Air-assisted airless generally works at lower pressures than a standard airless, the coverage is better, more controllable and over-spray is less. Transfer efficiency can be as high in the region of 50 to 60%.

Adjustable Fan Size:
Many manufacturers have made the gun to have of an adjustable fan. By using the compressed air going to the air cap, the fan can be compressed to a smaller size by jets of air on either side of the airless tip. This adjustment can reduce/increase the size of the fan.


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